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Building Success at Morgan Construction

May 18, 2011

This past September we worked with Morgan Construction and Environmental Ltd. to relaunch their website.

Changes included adding more site pages to accommodate the company’s rapid growth and increase in services, a focus on their many safety certifications, and highlights of current projects.

We also streamlined their Careers page, separating it into field and administrative positions with appropriate application forms for each. This makes the process much simpler for job applicants and gives Morgan the chance to pre-screen candidates based on the questions/requirements they choose to include on the application forms. Because the application process is so simple, more prospective employees are able to apply right on the website, reducing the need for Morgan to rely on job search sites to find employees.

The numbers:
58% more site visits
440% more page views
155% more time spent per visit
241% more pages viewed per visit

We are happy to report that since the launch of the new site, traffic has increased substantially.

Visits to the site are up by 58%* from their old site
Total number of page views is up by 440%*
Average time spent on the site per visit is up by 155%*
Number of pages viewed per visit is up by 241%*

These statistics tell us that while we’ve succeeded in increasing website traffic, our greatest success has been in keeping people on the site for longer periods of time. Thanks to well written content and an intuitive information architecture, it is now easier to navigate through the website to find the information you need. And considering how much the company has to offer, we are thrilled to see that their site visitors are sticking around long enough to get a complete impression of the company and what they are about.

Congrats on the success, Morgan Construction and Environmental! We are proud to be a part of it.

*Numbers are based on stats from September 21/09-May 15/10 to September 21/10 (launch date)-May 15/11