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Buzzwords and Other Ways to Kill a Campaign

December 11, 2012

Does your business provide innovative solutions? Do you sell the leading product in its category? Perhaps your ideas are revolutionary,  game changing, or cutting edge. If so, it might be best not to tell anybody.

Words like “innovative,” “solutions,” and “cutting edge” might accurately describe your business, but these terms are so vague or overused that they won’t mean anything to your customers. When writing marketing content for your company – whether it’s for an ad campaign, your website, or your newsletter – you must give your audience a reason to pay attention.

Vague wording is one of the biggest mistakes people make with their marketing content. When you advertise your business as one that provides innovative solutions (or any other generic offering), you might know exactly what you mean, but others won’t. What are the solutions you are providing? What problems are they solving? How, specifically, are your solutions innovative? If you want customers to know what you do or how you’re better than your competitors, you have to tell them in clear and specific terms.

The other potential content trap is that of overused words. This one can be especially harmful to online marketing, as search engine results for your company will be lost amongst the thousands of others who chose the same wording. Again, sometimes these words might accurately describe your business, and your customers might know what you mean when you claim your product is, for example, sustainable, but are they really going to believe you when so many other products make the same claim? Even if they do believe that your product is sustainable, with so many other products out there marketed the same way, yours won’t stand out as being unique. If you want to highlight the environmental benefits of your product, be specific. Explain what exactly makes your product sustainable. Get descriptive. Customers will have a greater awareness and trust in your product.

This is not to say that some of these words should never ever be used. Sometimes a buzzword really is the best word to describe something. But by limiting your use of these words to when its a good fit and not just a cop-out, you’ll be helping the word to restore its power. Context is everything. Try to get into the mindset of your customers to determine if your content will make sense to them.

The temptation to give in to vague or overused words can be difficult to resist, but you have to remember that taking such shortcuts rarely pays off. If you need a little help crafting more specific and meaningful content, give us a call at (780) 989 0606 or email us at

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