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CARNA Awards Brings Judging System Online

February 14, 2012

In a previous post we introduced you to CARNA (College & Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta), for whom we were developing an online judging system for their annual CARNA Awards. We’re happy to tell you that the judging system has been launched!

CARNA is the professional and regulatory body for Alberta’s nurses and currently has over 33,000 members. Every year they host the CARNA Awards to recognize excellence in nursing.

As we’ve learned through past experience, any judging process done manually is going to be lengthy, especially when it’s as detailed as that of the CARNA Awards. Before the online judging system was implemented, the process was long, cumbersome, and document-heavy. Nominators would download nomination worksheets from the CARNA website, save them to their computer, and fill them in. Nominators would then print off the worksheet along with the nominee’s resumé and supporting documents and mail the whole package out for judging.

The new online system is ideal for an awards program this large, as it drastically cuts down on time and paper. The whole process takes place online, beginning with nominations. Nominators complete their nomination information directly on the website and submit them electronically.

After nominations close, judges begin scoring entries online. Above each section on the nomination forms is a list of that section’s criteria, so the judges don’t have to cross-reference between the submission and separate criteria pages. After each section of a submission is scored, all criteria rankings are automatically added up to produce a final score.

The system has a dashboard that displays the status of each nominee, so judges know right away who they have or haven’t judged yet. Once all submissions are scored, awards committee administrators are able to see each judge’s top choices for each category. Only a judge’s top two picks per category are displayed, so administrators don’t have to sift through all candidates or risk overlooking a top scorer. The committee then reviews these nominees and selects the winners.

The online judging system eases the process for all involved, whether they’re nominators, judges, or committee administrators.

The CARNA Awards’ new online judging system goes a long way in easing the process for all those involved, whether they’re nominators, judges, or committee administrators. With all information in one place, the process is less frustrating and time-consuming. And without the looming pages of information, binders of documents, and marathon administrative processes, those involved in the awards can now focus on what’s really important – honoring Alberta’s talented and hard-working nurses.

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