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Content Keywords: Quality vs. Quantity

June 2, 2014

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a term that describes web content written in a way that will grab the attention of search engines, i.e. the use of keywords.

For us, this has always meant writing the best quality content possible. If you are writing content that is truly geared toward what your audience is searching for, those keywords will be inherently present in the most natural way possible. Unfortunately, for many content writers, SEO has come to mean nothing more than a system of incredibly dense keywords and phrases that end up taking precedence over quality. Sure, this might drive some traffic to your website, but it’s not a good long-term strategy. Here’s why:

Keywords need to have context. What’s the point in flooding your website with popular keywords if it isn’t helping your customers or your business? Customers are looking for real information, not a heap of keywords. If a site visitor is looking for cookie recipes, it won’t matter how many times you use phrases like “cookie recipe” or “chocolate chip recipe” or “homemade cookies.” You need to actually give them a recipe – and a good one at that – or they won’t come back.

High traffic means nothing if conversion is low. Keywords might drive a lot of people to your site, but visitors aren’t going to stay long unless you give them quality content to chew on. Sites that focus too much on keyword density and not enough on quality tend to have high bounce rates because customers don’t see what they’re looking for. Remember, customers visit your site because they want information, products, or services.

Search results are always going to be biased anyway. Google turns up search results based on your past searches, browser history, and location. There isn’t much you can do to guarantee that your audience is finding your page in their results, so you shouldn’t waste too much time coming up with perfect keyword combinations. You’re better off spending that time crafting top quality content so that those who find you, stay.

Google punishes SEO abusers. Google is constantly putting new measures in place to ensure that quality content is promoted over pages built around low-context keywords. You might actually be lowering your search engine rankings by trying to raise them.

Only quality will stand the test of time. SEO and quality content are not mutually exclusive. You can write quality content that includes a few keywords for SEO, as long as being informative is your top priority. Engaging content will turn your site visitors into return visitors.

If you need some guidance in writing quality content, get in touch. We’ll help you get started.