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Content of the Future

November 22, 2014

Innovation in content means experience, not keywords.

Everyone knows technology moves at breakneck speeds. From vacuum tubes to PC’s to mobile phones, technology gets faster and more impressive with each passing year. But it doesn’t just make your apps smarter or your website load faster. Technology is impacting content as well.

With all the attention lavished on social media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) these days, it can sometimes be easy to forget that content is about more than just keywords and pictures. Newer websites are leveraging technology to present content in beautifully new and ground-breaking ways.

Here’s a quick rundown of how technology is pushing content in wonderful new directions:

  • User Experience – We here at +Republic are always talking about the need for a great experiences for your customers on websites. Think friendly, inviting design. Think ease of use. Think relevant calls to action. Pushing the limits of your site means richer, more beautiful and, more importantly, more memorable user experiences.
  • Mobility – Content that doesn’t translate well to mobile devices isn’t going to translate well to the 22 million Canadians that use mobile phones to access the internet, making up almost 50% of Canadian internet use.
  • Dynamic Presentation – Imagine your audience being able to uncover a reclaimed wetland by dragging their mouse over a photo of a pond or their finger across their tablet. The contrast would be amazing! The technology exists! It just needs to be applied properly, and forward-thinking presentation can give you the lift you need to beat your competitors to the sale.

Great content will always be at the heart of any good website. It doesn’t matter how smooth, fresh, or original your presentation is, unless you’re site is providing custom, quality content to users, they’re not going to click around. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take your customers on grand tours through your content with interactive, future-ready web design.

Contact us if you’re ready to start pushing your web content to its limit in 2015.

Photo credit: flickr