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Exciting or Embarrassing? Content Counts!

December 11, 2012

With the exception of major brands that employ complete communications and marketing teams, many companies and organizations put little work into maintaining the content they’re putting out.

It’s easy to understand how this task can be pushed aside, as it might not seem as pressing or urgent as other tasks that need to be completed, but regularly publishing pieces of content is an important way to keep you relevant.

The key thing to remember is that content does not always have to be complex, lengthy, or slickly produced. Generating new content doesn’t mean hiring a huge marketing team to roll out a massive new campaign; it can be as simple as updating the news page of your website. In fact, often it’s these little pieces of information that keep your customers engaged and feeling connected to your company.

If you’re having a tough time generating content, here a few ideas for quick, easy pieces of content for your website, blog, or social media pages:

  • Update your audience on what’s new with your company: new projects, new key hires, awards and certifications, community events you’ve participated in.
  • What’s ahead for your company: expansion; changes in address; conferences or trade shows you’ll be attending.
  • Industry news: regulatory changes, new research, industry trends. You don’t even have to write anything here. You can simply link to articles (though your customers might want to hear your thoughts as well).
  • Photos: new pieces of equipment, industry events, and unusual projects.
  • Announcements: new products, service changes, client news, and, depending on your company culture and how close you are to your clients, appropriate personal news (e.g. a recent renovation, a senior employee is retiring).

We challenge you to take a look at the newest content on your website. Exciting or embarrassing? If it’s the latter, you’re certainly not alone, but it is time to make a change.

Letting content grow stale will leave your customers feeling out of the loop with your company. If you want to keep people talking about your business, you have to start the conversation yourself.

Looking for help maintaining your content? If you’d like to discuss ways to engage your customers through content, please give us a call at (780) 989 0606 or email us at

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