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Growing Up Mobile

November 23, 2013

While mobile usage continues to grow steadily overall, one group in particular has increased their mobile use by a huge margin.

Children are now, more than ever, plugging in to tablets, iPods, and smart phones on a daily basis to play games, watch videos, and use apps.

A recent study by Common Sense Media shows that over the last two years, the number of children eight and under who have used a mobile device has jumped by 89%. Here are some more interesting finds from that study:

  • 72% of children aged zero to eight have used a mobile device.
  • While time spent daily on mobile devices has increased by an average of ten minutes, average time spend watching television, using a computer, and playing video games has decreased by a combined 31 minutes.
  • 38% of children under the age of two have used a mobile device.
  • Playing games is the most common use of mobile devices for children.
  • Despite the increase in mobile use, TV is still the most popular screen choice for children.

For a more complete look at the survey’s findings, check out the full report from Common Sense Media.

Photo credit: flickr