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Industry Specific CRM – Nothing Old About These Antiques

December 5, 2012

George Moir Antique Auto Parts, a dealer of antique Ford parts based in Stony Plain, AB, is a company that relies on community involvement and building strong relationships with customers.

Though some of their customers are simply walk-ins, they attract a lot of their clientele through referrals and by participating in restoration communities and events throughout western Canada. Because they cater to hobbyists, most of their customers become long-term clients. Given all of this, the owners of George Moir Antique Auto Parts decided that a CRM system would help them to most effectively serve their customers. We are working with them to customize a CRM system that fills their needs.

Most CRM software comes with several options for customization, including customer categorizing and segmenting. For example, George Moir Antique Auto Parts might sort their customers by vehicle type, region, restoration stage, or according to the events and organizations they’ve taken part in.

However the team at George Moir Antique Auto Parts decides to segment their customers, it will allow them to serve each customer more effectively. For instance, if they segment customers by region, they can let those customers know ahead of time that the store will be setting up a booth at a local car show. Customers can then place orders and have the George Moir Antique Auto Parts team bring the parts with them. If they also segment by restoration stage, they can anticipate which parts a customer might need and let them know when those parts are available. Thoughtfully planned segmenting spares customers unwanted correspondence and provides them with relevant information, without them having to chase it.

Of course, George Moir Antique Auto Parts’ CRM system can be designed to help with a number of other tasks as well, such as monitoring inventory and handling invoices. There is an abundance of options available with CRM systems, and the trick is to find software that supports most of the options you’ll need, then work hard to customize or build what you don’t get out of the box. We are looking forward to working with George Moir Antique Auto Parts to identify the features that will benefit them and their customers the most. We’ll keep you posted on our progress!

If you are considering implementing a new CRM system but are unsure of what features to look for, or need help identifying what you need out of it, give us a call at (780) 989 0606 or email us at