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Morgan’s Stampede Breakfast Blends Technology and Creativity, Is Delicious

October 14, 2011

In this business, one of the most exciting challenges is striking a balance between the technical and creative aspects of each project.

This was exactly the case when Morgan Construction and Environmental asked us to work on the invites for their annual Calgary Stampede breakfast. The invitations had to be creative enough for the breakfast to stand out among the many other stampede events, but it was just as important to find the right tools to take the pain out of the tedious task of managing the guest list.

The first step was to take care of the creative side of things. This was an interesting challenge in itself because we had to come up with imagery and language that reflected the stampede theme, but was still noticeable and memorable amongst all of the other stampede-related ads that would be present at the same time. After much brainstorming and experimenting with different concepts, we came up with a rodeo-themed ad with a funny, memorable, breakfast-themed twist.

Creativity and technology came together as the event started to take shape.

Creativity and technology came together as the event started to take shape. Eventbrite was used to manage the details of the breakfast, and an email distribution service was used to send out and track the invites. The advantage to using both of these systems was that they gave Morgan access to all of the guest list details without them having to send the invites out themselves. Had they just sent out a mass email invitation from one of their email addresses, it would have been hard to track and could have threatened their standing with email providers. Our system used one-to-one delivery and first name personalization, so emails are less likely to look like spam. And now when guests RSVP, no one at Morgan has to worry about their personal inbox being flooded with emails. And finally, if someone mistakes the invitation for spam and blocks the sender, it won’t be Morgan that they’re blocking.

The blending of creativity and the right technological tools resulted in a smooth campaign process, making the breakfast enjoyable not only for the guests, but also for the Morgan team.