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Need Help? Google’s Got Your Back

November 23, 2013

Google+, Google’s social network, has added yet another feature in a bid to retain users.

They recently rolled out Helpouts, a new services that connects people with experts in various fields. Helpouts are essentially a spinoff of Hangouts, the Google+ video chat service.

The service helps consumers to  personalized advice from experts on topics such as fitness, health care, and language education. The services vary, from personal makeup tutorials from Sephora, to home repair advice from Home Depot. All contributing experts must list their qualifications and will be subject to user reviews and ratings. Health care experts must receive third-party approval before Google allows them to participate.

Helpouts can be done on the spot (when available) or scheduled for a later time, accommodating people who are planning a project and people in an emergency situation. Pricing is provided either as a flat rate for a specific duration of time, or as a per-minute rate. Some experts also choose to provide their services for free.

Helpouts continue a recent trend toward highly personalized customer experiences. More and more, companies are tailoring content to match the unique and specific needs of their customers, and beyond that, are bringing information and services to customers, rather than making customers do the leg work.

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Photo credit: flickr