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Personalization: Show That You Care and Drive Results

February 6, 2015

Personalizing your marketing is key to improving your online results.

Putting in a little extra effort when connecting with customers can go a long way. By personalizing communications and the customer’s experience, you demonstrate that you’re not just interested in selling to them, but in meeting their specific needs.

Personalization by the numbers

Although personalization is about assuring the customer that their relationship to your content is important, it’s also about the bottom line. Just look at what’s recently been discovered about personalized online experiences:

  • Sites that welcome customers by name are more likely to get return visits from 65% of customers.
  • Most subscribers (73%) join expressly to get special offers, discounts, and coupons in their inboxes.
  • Roughly 1/3 of customers show more loyalty to merchants that personalize their individual shopping experience.
  • Personalizing a site is “highly attractive” to 67% of users.
  • Companies that personalized online experiences earned an average sales uptick of 19%.
  • Only 7% of marketers use personalized communications channels.

But more than just a number

Knowing who you’re selling to can be a boon when it comes to personalizing your content. Keep an up-to-date database of your purchasing contacts based on their industry and focus. You don’t need to learn everything there is to know right off the bat; just build your database slowly, and begin to work personalization into your marketing efforts as you go. Once you know how your organization intersects with your customer’s needs, you can begin to build an online experience uniquely suited to them.

  • Be helpful! Ask them if their company needs to reorder product soon so they don’t run out, or that you thought of them when you discovered a new product from your supplier.
  • Not all offers and products are going to be relevant to all your customers. Make sure content is relevant to each segment, because sending email with irrelevant offers is an easy way to wind up in the trash bin.
  • Just using a name is not personalization. Even spam comes with a name in the subject line these days, and 63% of people get so many messages like this that using their name makes no difference to them.

Remember that personalization can be overused, especially if it feels formulaic. True personalization, the kind that will get you real results, requires walking a fine line between mass dissemination and the personal touch.

If you need help personalizing your marketing or want more advice on how to avoid the pitfalls of formulaic personalization, contact us.