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Plateau Reclamation Puts Their Mark on the Web

July 17, 2012

Plateau Reclamation is a family-run reclamation and remediation company based in Central Alberta.

Recently, we developed a new website for Plateau, with the goal of increasing their overall web presence and telling the story of who they are as people and as a company.

No one visits a reclamation company’s website for leisure (but hey, we won’t judge you if you do). Site visitors are usually looking for very specific service information. Keeping that in mind, the homepage was designed so that all of the service pages were easily accessible.

The site relies heavily on photos to illustrate Plateau’s services. This is the best way to help the viewer understand the service without forcing them to read through long paragraphs of text. It’s also an ideal way to make sense of the highly technical services Plateau offers. All content was carefully crafted with strategic use of key words to enhances the site’s searchability. This will boost the number of visitors to the site, driving even more business to Plateau.

The tone of the website reflects the personalities behind the company.

During the process of collecting information for the site, we were lucky enough to get to know the family who owns and operates Plateau. We found that they are some of the most friendly and open people we’ve ever met, and they run their business the same way.  When they say they maintain positive and honest relationships with landowners, they really mean it, and that’s what sets them apart from many competing companies. We did our best to have the tone of the website reflect the personalities behind the company, and to demonstrate how they differ from other companies with similar services.

The site is still new, so we have yet to measure the impact it has left on Plateau’s business. But as the numbers come in, we will keep you updated! Congratulations on your success so far, Plateau!