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Putting the Finishing Touches on Nilex’s CRM System

December 10, 2012

Over the past few months, we’ve been working with Nilex on developing a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. SmartLink, their new system, is just about ready to be unveiled company-wide.

Nilex did have an existing CRM system, but that program’s functions simply weren’t keeping up with the company’s needs. The new system provides a much smoother workflow and more effective reporting.

SmartLink allows team members to complete each step of a transaction seamlessly and without any redundancies or unnecessary effort. It stores information on all contacts, companies, and opportunities, and allows linking between the categories.

The system was personalized to reflect the Nilex team’s priorities. Dashboards provide a snapshot of all current and relevant activity. Each employee can choose which reports and information to display, based on their role and priorities.

We customized SmartLink’s opportunity template to match Nilex’s opportunity workflow. Each opportunity page contains basic project information, as well as probability of winning the opportunity, required products, the region of the project, and the company division or application area.

Each opportunity has an activity history log, where information from phone calls, emails, and other correspondence can be stored. This way, if a client speaks to more than one Nilex employee about the same opportunity, there is no loss or duplication of information. Each employee will know exactly where the last one left off.

The system allows quotes to be generated directly from opportunities. The quote can be emailed directly from the system, or saved as a PDF and printed. The quote template ties together all known information about the project, ensuring that no piece of information is missed.

SmartLink syncs with other programs, such as Outlook, that sales reps use to store their contacts, resulting in a hassle-free communication between programs. This also means that sales reps who are on the road can input information into their tablets or Blackberries, and the information will sync once they have access to an internet connection.

One of the biggest issues with Nilex’s previous CRM system was that its reporting functions didn’t fit the company’s needs. Weekly reports required employees to take information from spreadsheets, Outlook, and other areas, transfer it over to the report template and then print it off. SmartLink helps to eliminate any duplication of effort by automatically populating reports with any information that is entered into the system. If a manager wants to see reports on open opportunities, weekly sales volume, or any other information, they can view it  directly from their own dashboard.  Inventory managers can also create their orders based on information input by reps, such as products needed and opportunity probability.

Every area of Nilex’s new CRM system interacts with the rest for a complete snapshot of company activity. We are looking forward to seeing how the new system will save time and enhance efficiency for the Nilex team.