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Research Leads the Development of Gecan’s New Site

January 22, 2012

We recently developed a new website for Gecan, an asphalt lab located in Acheson, AB. Gecan specializes in a number of asphalt-related services, including testing, mix design, blending, and formulation.

Over the last few years, Gecan’s business and facilities have seen substantial growth, garnering a reputation as an industry leader with facilities and a knowledge base that go unparalleled by their peers. As is common with companies that grow at a rapid rate, Gecan’s website was simply unable to keep up.

Gecan’s staff are some of the most knowledgable people we’ve ever met. Their industry is a complicated one, but they know it inside and out. Their existing website, however, was very basic and did not reflect the level of expertise and knowledge that the team holds. Over the course of a number of months we studied everything we could about their industry, including the equipment found in their labs, the services they provide, and what their clients would be looking for in their site. After we were through with our meetings, the team at Gecan graciously lent us a library’s worth of books and manuals for further research, including a massive volume affectionately known around the lab as the “asphalt bible.”

The result of all of this research is a deceptively simple website. The content is divided into carefully thought out sections, so as to avoid any page being too heavy or confusing. To further relieve the site of complex, technical explanations, we used photographs to showcase the quality and quantity of Gecan’s machinery and the capabilities of their labs. We also added a glossary so that if clients still finds the information to be too complicated, they can look up the definitions of terms for clarification.

Research is always a key part of our process, but sometimes it’s necessary to invest extra time and energy into it.

It was also important that we streamline some administrative processes to save time and energy for both the staff and customers of Gecan. A materials testing request form was added to the site to eliminate the need to handle requests and quotes over the phone. This means that staff don’t have to go back and forth between the phone and other tasks as often, and it also makes the test request process easier on customers because they can submit requests on their own time, without having to make phone calls or create paperwork.

Research is always a key part of our process, but sometimes it’s necessary to invest a little extra time and energy into it. In order to make a complex subject simple for others to understand, you first have to have a thorough understanding of it. Thanks to this approach, Gecan now has a site that reflects their status as leaders in the asphalt industry.

Are you taking the time to get to know your clients’ industries? If you’d like to discuss the benefits of industry research, give us a call at (780) 989 0606 or email us at We’d love to share some ideas.