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Connecting Distributed Companies

Distributed companies face unique challenges. They need to communicate with employees in different locations, they need to maintain consistent documents and templates, and they need to tame mushrooming numbers of files as they pile up in common hard-drives. The good news is that technology can help distributed companies face up to these challenges, and win.

With +Republic’s help, you can share current documents with all staff while maintaining consistency, you can reduce the number of internal emails choking your servers, and you can start to build a knowledge base of current information that helps your company work smarter.

There are many ways technology can help distributed companies manage their information, and keep their employees happy and billable. And the other good news is that the resources companies put in to these technology projects are often offset quickly as staff are able to spend less time working with disorganized information and processes, and more time doing their actual work.

Our services to help connect distributed companies include:

  • Intranets and Extranets to organize and present information such as news, policies, procedures, vendor information and company calendars.
  • Knowledge Centres that give your employees access to resources such as images, documents, marketing templates and detailed reporting.
  • Wiki-based tools that empower your employees to share their knowledge in developing a library of best practices, client information and other proprietary knowledge.

Examples from our Portfolio

  • We helped Nilex connect staff across Canada and the United States with an intranet
  • We helped Millennium EMS Solutions implement an intranet that has definitely helped them work smarter
  • We helped Stantec plan and deploy a game-changing knowledge centre across their enterprise-level company
  • We helped Mr. Lube Canada centralize their marketing system – allowing franchisees to order their creative online