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Sinclair Supply Increases Visits by Over 900%

December 13, 2010

Since launching in June 2010, Sinclair Supply’s website has some amazing stats to report:

  • Total site visits increased by 905.16% from their old site
  • The number of page views has gone up by 900.74%
  • Visits to their site from new users are up by 107.41%

These statistics demonstrate how tools like new content and a new site architecture are succeeding in bringing new visitors to the site. Not only are visitors locating the site directly, but people are searching for industry keywords and navigating to the Sinclair site (a major benefit of search engine optimization). Great news and congrats to Sinclair Supply!

- The above numbers are based on stats from June 3/09-November 8/09 to June 3/10 (launch date)-November 8/10

Photo credit: flickr