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Trade Up to a New Recruiting Tool

September 4, 2014

There’s a shortage of skilled labour in our country, and it’s getting worse every year.

Labour market analysts forecast a shortfall of roughly 100,000 tradespeople in Alberta alone, where many trades are already in high demand. Additionally, the aging baby boomer population is set to begin retiring, further draining the labour pool. This trend is predicted to carry across all the major trades industries across the country. In its National Summary 2014, BuildForce Canada also predicts rising demand for trades in traditionally flat labour markets like the Maritimes and even rocky Manitoba. As the wild rose province continues to draw tradespeople into ever growing oilsands projects, other provinces are struggling to hold on to their workforce. It’s a tug of war of labour across the country.

This competition for labourers has created a glut of job sites promising to fulfill the labour needs of a plethora of markets through ugly, hard-to-use sites, often providing no appreciable screen time thanks to the endless cycling of ads. The result? Repetitively refreshing browsers and recopying job posts to try and keep an ad reliably in front of viewers, creating an unnecessary drain on companies’ already limited man-power and producing an eyesore for users.

These are just some of the headaches that come with advertising on generic work sites that aren’t dedicated to the trades. To make matters worse, many of these job sites make it almost impossible for employees to find their field or trade. Take a look at WowJobs or Indeed and you’ll see what we mean – hard to look at, hard to understand, and just plain hard to use.

If only there were an easier way of connecting skilled tradespeople to the companies that are looking for them.

If only it was simple and easy to use.

If only it was free.

Those were the guiding principles behindĀ Traded Up, the free jobs board for skilled tradespeople. Building on our experience developing Truckstr, Traded Up is a singular destination for tradespeople where they don’t have to sift through unrelated ads, and where construction companies won’t have to compete with legal firms and dental offices for screen space; in short, it’s a place where relevant job ads are actually seen by the people they’re meant for. Companies can post jobs for free, and tradespeople can search by trade or location. They can shortlist jobs or apply for a position at the touch of a button–they don’t even need an account. The entire site has been built around the idea of connecting HR departments to their resources as professionally and as simply as possible.

No more endless posting or competing with unrelated ads. Just a clean, easy-to-use site dedicated exclusively to connecting tradespeople to jobs in Canada.

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