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The Transportation Industry Has a New Recruiting Tool

May 27, 2013

It’s finally here! After months of working on it, we have finally launched Truckstr, our job board dedicated to the transportation industry.

We dreamed Truckstr up a few years ago when we noticed a common grievance among our clients in the transportation industry: they were constantly looking for drivers and were spreading their efforts out over several online and print outlets, often with limited success. There is always a huge demand for drivers, but no convenient or central place to find them.

We set out with the goal of creating a job search hub that was simple and convenient for companies and job-seekers alike. Truckstr was built to avoid any complications, distractions, or unnecessary pieces of information. There are no flashing banner ads. Jobs are posted to the homepage so you don’t have to click through extra pages and filters to get to them. Jobs are laid out in a clean, easy-to-read format to ensure that the site never feels cluttered or overwhelming.

It was important that posting a job also be as simple as possible. Companies only have to provide basic contact information in order to start an account, meaning the process only takes a minute. We wanted to make sure that posting a job was simple and didn’t require a lengthy payment process each time, so we implemented Truckstr credits. Truckstr credits are essentially Truckstr currency – they are used to purchase job posts. Credits are purchased in advance, and are available in three separate packages. This allows companies to purchase a small package (enough for one or two job posts) to try out the service, or buy more so that their human resources or administrative staff can post jobs without having to process payment every single time. This makes payment easier to track and manage, and also makes posting a job much faster because credits are debited automatically once the post is published.

Once a job post has expired (after 30 days), it is moved to your archive where you can copy or re-edit it to repost on a later date. This fits into our goal of a simpler, less drawn-out experience. Many companies hire for the same positions a few times a year, or include a lot of the same information even in posts for different positions. The ability to modify and recycle posts cuts down on time and effort, so you can have a new job post up in a matter of seconds.

An important aspect of Truckstr is sharing options. Posts can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. They can also be directly embedded onto your company’s website. This means that no duplication of effort will be required in order to create some buzz around your current job openings.

After its first couple of weeks live, Truckstr is gaining steam. Companies from across Canada and the United States are posting their jobs, and applications are starting to come in. We’ll keep you updated on any new features or news from Truckstr as the site continues to grow and take shape!

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