Plus Republic


Suite 203, 8708 48 Ave.
Edmonton, AB
Canada  T6E 5L1

Tel: (780) 989 0606
TF: (855) 715 0999

Who We Are

Core values shape our approach to work and the relationships we build with our clients.

Words we live by:

  • Our client is really your client.
  • There is no great work without passion. We are as passionate about our clients’ projects as they are.
  • We won’t participate in work that we won’t be proud of.
  • We compete based on value, not cost.
  • We bring our brains to work.
  • We will always be honest.
  • We will do the things that we do best and if required, hire somebody we trust to do the rest.
  • Discovery is a process, not a questionnaire.
  • We’re prepared to be scrappy.
  • Behind every interface is a person.
  • People crave a total experience.
  • We play nice with our clients’ partners. Collaboration builds better projects.
  • There shall be no work before coffee.
  • We’ve accomplished a lot together, now let’s celebrate.