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Alberta Education

For Alberta Education, we helped the ministry become more accountable to the public.

Alberta Education Software Analysis and Recommendation

Alberta Education needed a recommendation as to whether Microsoft SharePoint would be an appropriate software to manage their Accountability Pillar Clearinghouse program.

The Accountability Pillar was created to measure the progress and success of various programs across all Alberta school jurisdictions. All schools have access to information and documents through the program’s Clearinghouse, ensuring that consistency is maintained throughout all schools in the province.

We began by performing a thorough assessment of Alberta Education. We spoke with employees and stakeholders, gathering information on their respective roles in the Accountability Pillar project, their perceived software needs, technological abilities, and knowledge of and comfort with Microsoft products.

The next step was to assess the SharePoint software with the same level of detail, evaluating each version of the software and as well as each version’s respective features. We assessed each feature against the needs of Alberta Education in order to determine compatibility.

After determining which version of SharePoint would be most compatible with the needs of Alberta Education, we created a detailed document listing all of the software’s features, indicating if each one met requirements, would require customization, and had any potential risks. This document, including a final recommendation, became our project deliverable.

Based on our detailed recommendation, Alberta Education was able to make an informed decision as to whether they should invest in Microsoft SharePoint or consider other software. Their decision has led to accuracy, clarity, and consistency of communication within the Accountability Pillar Clearinghouse.