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Capital Estate Planning

For Capital Estate Planning, we simplified the process of both providing and collecting information.

Capital Estate Planning Conference & Seminar Mobile Site

Paper forms used to gather new leads made it difficult to collect and store information.

Capital Estate Planning is one of the benefits providers for the Alberta Teachers’ Association. Each year, they participate in the Alberta Beginning Teachers Conference. In past years, they’ve held a wine basket draw for attendees. This required paper entry forms to be completed and drawn out of a box. On top of their basic information, entrants could opt to add more detailed information to the form, such as age and region. This enables Capital Estate to send only relevant informational materials to them. Staff at Capital Estate had to mine this information from thousands of forms and manually input it into their client relationship management (CRM) system. This process was time consuming and subject to human error and assumptions.

To replace the manual system, we developed a mobile site for Capital Estate’s iPads to collect entrant information. This sped up the process of collecting information as several iPads could be used simultaneously, and they could be passed around the room, instead of waiting for teachers to come up to the front. Information collected is more accurate, as there is no risk of having to interpret another person’s handwriting. It also eliminates the mess and waste that results from paper forms. Adding the information to Capital Estate’s CRM system was handled through a simple export.

Instead of manually drawing a name and having to haul the rest of the forms back for data entry, the iPad can now be hooked up to a projector, and a draw function randomly selects the winning entry live in front of the audience. This adds well-received elements of timeliness, excitement and interactivity to the event.

The final change we made was to switch the wine basket for a Margaritaville frozen drink blender. This might not seem like a relevant change, but the increase in entries says otherwise!

Capital Estate Planning saved a significant amount of time in recording teacher information to their CRM system. The mobile site also captured segmented information, such as age and school district, so that each teacher will only be sent information that is pertinent to them.

The number of entries for the draw increased substantially, reflecting a better engagement between Capital Estate and their audience.