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For Colasphalt, we helped carve out an identity and build a strong story.

Colasphalt, a company that supplies and designs custom asphalt products, needed a website to show their competitive advantage in a highly technical industry.

Despite being an established company, Colasphalt didn’t have a discernable story that they were able to market to customers. Their existing marketing website didn’t have a detailed description of their products or services, and more importantly, didn’t explain how Colasphalt is different from their competitors. In working with them, we discovered that Colasphalt is a very community-conscious and environmentally aware company. When it comes to their products and services, they are always focused on the big picture, allowing them to guide customers to make the right choices.

We helped Colasphalt to tell their story by creating a website that looks at their industry from a bigger, results-based perspective. All technical information is still laid out, but the colours and imagery used on the site speak to customers who are not necessarily asphalt industry insiders. Imagery shows sweeping views of highways; clean, beautiful neighbourhoods; and an abundance of nature surrounding asphalt projects and surfaces, all of which are the results of Colasphalt’s eco-friendly and conscientious products and services. The look of the website also corresponds with print materials that we had previously created for Colasphalt, creating consistency and brand recognition.

Though Colasphalt’s products and services are available to any company who needs them, there are specific sectors that they work with more than others. We wanted a way to group together any information that each sector would need to make the site convenient to use. In order to do this, we designed a system that allows content relationships to be easily created. Separate pages are created for each product category (e.g. dust control, pavement maintenance), as well as each of Colasphalt’s products. When a sector page is created, any corresponding products or product categories can be selected, and the content is automatically pulled on to the page. The process of creating a page is easy for Colasphalt, and as a result, the information is easy for customers to find.

Colasphalt’s new website elevates their image, making it more reflective of the personalized service and conscientious products they provide. Content relationships are easy to create, enabling Colasphalt to continue engaging with their customers.