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Dairytown Processing

For Dairytown, we targeted three different audiences with one website.

The site has been getting some great reviews... there is no comparison. Great job!

Paul R.
Senior Manager, Dairytown Processing

Dairytown Processing Website

Dairytown, a dairy products producer based in New Brunswick, needed a way to convey information about their products to three very different audiences.

We created a site for Dairytown that would sell the benefits of their products to their three main audiences: retail customers of Dairytown’s own brand of products, private label customers who hire Dairytown to develop and produce products for their brand, and contract manufacturing clients who hire Dairytown to handle some of the production for existing products.

Each of these three customer groups has different needs from Dairytown. Retail customers are focused on the taste, look, and lifestyle benefits of the products; private label customers are interested in Dairytown’s ability to create quality products; and contract manufacturing customers need to see that Dairytown can create products and packaging to exact specifications.

Dairytown produces four main products: butter, skim milk powder, instant skim milk powder, and whey protein concentrate. Each of these products is of interest to more than one customer group, and therefore has to appeal to more than one group. Having information for three very different customer types on each page would put the site at risk of appearing cluttered, and might result in customers not seeing the information they’re looking for.

There is a section for each of Dairytown’s three audiences on the website. Within each section, there is a page for each of the products that fall under that category. This means that certain products, such as butter, actually have three pages within the website, with each one targeting a different audience. Different content and images appear in each version of a product’s page, all catered to how that particular audience will use the product. Retail customers will see how they can use products in their home and how they can incorporate the products into their lifestyle. Private label brands and contract manufacturers, on the other hand, are given technical information about Dairytown’s processes. equipment, and capabilities.

The new Dairytown website is neatly segmented, leaving it uncluttered and easy to read. Each customer type can find the information they need without running into any ambiguity or complicated information that might not apply to them.

Dairytown Processing