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Dunn-Right Communications

For Ralcomm and Dunn-Right, we helped a communications company keep up with customers' changing needs.

Dunn-Right and Ralcomm Website

Dunn-Right Communications, along with their parent company Ralcomm, needed a low-maintenance way to keep their customers up-to-date with changing mobile plans and devices.

One of our clients, Ralcomm, recently acquired Dunn-Right Communications. The two companies both specialize in communications products, ranging from personal cell phones to portable towers. Though the two companies have a similar clientele, they are located in different communities and have each carved out a strong reputation under their own name and branding. We created one website that’s accessible under both of their domain names. The website features logos for both companies and references both in the content.

Dunn-Right and Ralcomm provide cell phones, tablets, and other mobile communications devices to customers in their communities. They provide the hardware as well as phone and data service. They are authorized Telus dealers, and must constantly keep their inventory and rate plans current with Telus’ offerings. Rates and products change constantly, so this could prove a major challenge for a smaller company that doesn’t have a dedicated content management team. However, if they don’t keep their content current, they run the risk of losing business, as mobile customers are always searching for the latest and best deals.

We solved the problem of updating mobile products and rates by using a portal service that pulls all of Telus’ current offerings and feeds them onto dealer websites. This service is designed to serve primarily as an actual website for local mobile dealers – companies are given a unique URL that routes their customers to the portal service’s site. This wouldn’t work for Ralcomm and Dunn-Right, however, because they sell other products and have built their own unique brands. We successfully integrated the service into the site we built for Ralcomm and Dunn-Right, giving them an edge over their competitors.

Another important aspect of the new site is the separation between individual and business customers. As is the case for many companies located in smaller communities, Ralcomm and Dunn-Right serve a broad range of customer types. They sell basic mobile devices, data plans, cable bundles, car stereos, and other products and services geared toward individuals, as well as industrial communication equipment mean for work sites. The website is now divided into individual and business sections so that upon entry to the site, customers can decide which profile they fit and narrow their search significantly.

The new Dunn-Right/Ralcomm site allows for different types of customers to get the latest information on the products they’re interested in. Though they now share a website, Dunn-Right and Ralcomm each maintain their unique identity.

Photo Credit: Karlis Dambrans