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Element of Speed

For Element of Speed, we gave racing fans one central place to connect with the sport and with each other.

Motorsports / Racing Portal

The web was lacking a single home for racing schedules for all popular leagues.

Element of Speed is one of our personal projects, inspired by our passion for motorsports. We got the idea when we realized there was no single website that included information on all major leagues, and racing fans were having to go several sites to get a comprehensive look at the racing world. We also noticed that many of the existing sites only focused on the results of the races and not the lifestyle and culture around motorsports. With so many racing fans around the world, we saw a need for an online community where fans could come together and connect over their love of racing and the culture built around it.

We responded by creating Element of Speed. It covers America LeMans, Formula 1, IndyCar, Grand-Am Rolex, MotoGP, NHRA, NASCAR, and the World Rally Championship, giving fans access to all of these leagues in one location. The site features a main, multi-league schedule displaying all upcoming races and links to tickets. You can also view separate schedules by series or location. For each league we also feature blog posts, tech specs, and a live Twitter feed.

We allow bloggers from across North America to share their opinions, experiences, and love of the sport on Element of Speed. And because we want to maintain the community spirit amongst fans, we welcome anyone to author content; all you have to do is submit your post and once we approve it, it’s featured on the site. We don’t limit the number of possible bloggers, so everyone is welcome to join the conversation.

After the site went up, we started receiving requests for job postings. People looking to work in the racing industry in various capacities were struggling to find a good source for job opportunities, so we created a job board where we post job opportunities relating to the industry. This gives Element of Speed a major edge over other racing sites.

Element of Speed was our chance to give racing fans a much-needed community where they can connect with the sport and to each other. We have yet to find another racing site that covers so many different leagues, focuses equally on race results and culture, and brings all things race-related under one virtual roof.