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For Gecan, we designed a website that makes things easier for clients and staff.

Many thanks to you and your team for the great work. The site looks great and we are very happy with the end result. You made the process seemingly effortless for us.

Abdul E.
Laboratory Supervisor

The Gecan Website

Previous site was not thorough enough to properly promote the company. Website had not kept up with company growth and did not reflect competitive advantages Gecan has over other labs.

Gecan is an asphalt lab that has seen significant growth over the last couple of years. As an asphalt laboratory, their services include testing, mix design, formulation, and blending, with each of these categories containing a number of different tests, procedures, or services. Gecan’s new site needed to be more comprehensive in detailing their service offerings, as well as more polished-looking to reflect the company’s reputation of high-quality service.

Their previous website had only a printable pdf version of their test request form, which didn’t list all of the tests they are capable of performing. This meant that customers often had to phone in to inquire about certain tests, and had to call or email to request a test. This created a great deal of administrative work for lab employees. The new site has a web-based test request form which lists all available tests, relieving lab staff of excessive administrative work and making the test request process easier and clearer for customers.

The new site also lists all of Gecan’s services in detail, explaining what each service is and what its benefits are. This level of detail goes beyond illustrating Gecan’s capabilities and actually increases their web presence – strong, detailed descriptors mean that Gecan is more likely to appear in search engine results. Previously, potential clients who were using a search engine to find specific tests or services might not have come across Gecan in their results. Now more thorough content and service lists make Gecan more visible in a search.

The new Gecan site features an easy-to-use content management tool which allows any Gecan employee to make content updates as needed, without the risk of altering integral parts of the site’s structure. This takes the pain out of keeping company and service information current and updated.

With more thorough information, a polished feel, and content geared toward the industries Gecan serves, the new Gecan site is in line with the company’s current reputation as an industry leader.