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George Moir Antique Auto Parts Ltd.

For George Moir Antique Auto Parts, we brought old classics back to life.

I recently had a chance to have a look at the new site and I am very impressed!

Farrell W.
George Moir Antique Auto Parts Customer

The George Moir Antique Auto Parts Website

The company had no existing website and no other real web presence. Online presence needed to be established in order to gain exposure to new customers and enhance the experience for existing ones.

Customers have been doing business with George Moir Antique Auto Parts for decades without a website to depend on. In order to make the website appealing to them, we had to make it about more than just business. We established the George Moir site as an online hub for antique Ford enthusiasts to share stories and connect with the community.

It was important that the website strike a careful balance between modern convenience and respect for the eras and cultures the antique cars come from. A lack of either characteristic would risk alienating the site’s target audience.

The website offers catalogues and some retail items online, so that customers can browse from home at their convenience. While this aspect of the site is important, the whole site does not revolve around it because in-person transactions are still an important part of the business.

The website is also heavily focused on the restoration community. Restoring an antique car is a labour of love, and many restorers enjoy sharing their experience with others who have like interests and have had similar experiences. The site includes photo galleries, event listings, and personal restoration stories. This keeps George Moir positioned as an important part of the auto restoration community.

The site effectively brings together those who’ve had a lifelong love of autos and those who are just discovering the pastime. It goes beyond basic business functions, such as advertising or retail transactions, by positioning George Moir Antique Auto Parts as an important cultural hub in the restoration community.