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KWB Chartered Accountants

For KWB, we helped simplify the numbers for clients.

I really like your approach, and enjoy working with you and your team.

Darren B.
Partner, KWB Chartered Accountants

KWB Chartered Accountants Website

Build a website for KWB Chartered Accountants that reflected their people-focused approach to business.

KWB LLP is a chartered accounting firm that specializes in small owner-managed businesses. Because their typical clients are small business owners, they often deal with the intersection between personal and business finances. The company’s existing website didn’t reflect the personal approach they take with their clients and didn’t exude the warmth of their team.

A main focus of the website was to tear down any barriers between the team at KWB and their clients. An accountant must get to know personal aspects of a client’s life and finances, so there has to be a certain level of trust and comfort. The website features a photo of every employee along with their bio. Employees are also able to author content for the blog and newsletter, allowing clients to get to know them and trust in their respective areas of expertise. We also included many ways to engage with the team at KWB – a quick contact form, newsletter subscription, the blog – so that prospective clients would feel comfortable contacting them.

We created paths of content that apply to specific places in a client’s life or business. Pages specific to certain stages – buying a business, growing a business – point to which pages on the site that client type might find useful. Each page also shows related blog posts, allowing clients to harvest as much relevant information as possible. Videos have also been placed on select pages to explain information in a personal and understandable way.

Though the content on KWB’s site is all about accounting, the overall focus of the site is on people. The new website provides a platform for clients to comfortably connect with the team at KWB. The team at KWB have received amny compliments on the site and have already gained new clients because of it.

KWB Chartered Accountants Website

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