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Lafrentz Road Marking

For Lafrentz, we made ordering products easier for customers and staff.

Thanks again for your help with this project. Everyone that we show it to is very impressed.

Tim Z.
Senior Manager, Lafrentz Road Marking

The Lafrentz Store

To create a system that would allow Lafrentz to sell products seamlessly without creating an administrative hassle.

Lafrentz is an Alberta-based company that provides road marking services and sells road marking products. Prior to the creation of the Lafrentz Store, their new e-commerce site, customers had to phone their orders in, and record-keeping and invoicing was all done by hand. Having to maintain customer orders, production work orders, status reports, and invoices manually required a great deal of administrative effort, used up valuable work hours, and increased the risk of error.

The Lafrentz Store eases the process of purchasing Lafrentz products and allows staff to keep track of every stage of a purchase. Access to the store is secure so that only verified Lafrentz customers can use it. Customers can choose to request an account on their own, or, for those who prefer a more personal touch, the Lafrentz team can set up an account for a customer and let them know when it’s active.

The Lafrentz store eases the order process for Lafrentz staff and on the customer end. For staff, the store makes it easier to fill order as well as to manage inventory. Previously, employees had to use binders and interoffice mail to store order information. There had to be constant communication between sales, inventory, production, and accounting staff to ensure that orders were filled correctly from start to finish, and that nothing was lost as the order moved through different phases and departments. This was particular difficult because some of the departments are housed in different buildings.

The Lafrentz Store

The Lafrentz Store allows Lafrentz staff to communicate with customers online. Customers can be notified by staff if there are any concerns or notes about the order. Customers can also see their order status online, often eliminating any need to contact the Lafrentz team.

The store also makes purchasing from Lafrentz easier for customers because they are now able to see more of Lafrentz’s products, allowing them to purchase products they previously might not have known were available through Lafrentz. For every product selected, the customer is shown similar or related products. Each customer’s account is personalized so that they are only able to see products that are available to them, and pricing is set to that customer’s rate, reflecting the fact that some larger customers receive special pricing.

Customers are buying more products than before, and are discovering new products that they weren’t aware of.