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Meals on Wheels Edmonton

For Meals on Wheels Edmonton, we helped develop a healthy, well-nourished community.

The Edmonton Meals on Wheels Website

Public unaware of the range of services available; limited access to services online; younger demographics not being reached.

We recognized that an overhaul of the Meals on Wheels website would solve all of their problems. The process began with redefining their site’s information architecture by breaking down their operations into clearly defined services. Another crucial step was adding easy-to-use online ordering for their hot meals, Heat n’ Eat frozen meals, and Grocery Bag grocery delivery. We knew the option of ordering online would boost these services because of the ease of access and the ability to pay immediately online.

We added information on their lesser-known services, such as Grocery Bag Delivery and Lunch Club Catering, and explained how these services could help anyone achieve a healthy lifestyle in a convenient way, regardless of their age.

We also added a number of other online features – newsletter sign-up, donations, and an events calendar, making it easy to get involved with the organization.

We approached the misconception that Meals on Wheels is only for the elderly by adding options for people of other age groups. The site now offers Lunch Club catering to businesses for lunch meetings and Heat n’ Eat meals to anyone who wants healthy meals but doesn’t have time for cooking or clean-up.

And finally, one of the most important changes we made was giving the organization full control of their new site so they can keep things current without  having to go through a programmer.

Since its launch, traffic has been up by 73 percent from their previous site, the number of pages viewed has one up by 577 percent, and the total time spent on the site per visit has gone up by 320 percent.