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Millennium EMS Solutions

For Millennium EMS Solutions, we made it simple to share resources.

The Millennium File Transfer Site

Traditional file transfer sites were insecure, difficult to maintain, and required IT facilitation. Millennium needed a more efficient way to share files.

Millennium EMS Solutions, an environmental engineering company, now has a new, freestanding FTP site, accessible to anyone who has been assigned a site login. There is no need for IT facilitation, empowering users to more freely collaborate on projects. Having individual user login instead of a separate password for each file has numerous time-saving advantages.

Users only have access to projects they are collaborating on. This ensures privacy and security.

Each user only has to remember one password to gain access to their projects. This is more effective than old methods, which required users to know the password for each folder they needed to access to.

If an employee leaves the company, their file transfer site account is simply disabled, meaning there is no risk of an unauthorized person still having access to confidential information.


If a user forgets his or her password, they can retrieve it through the site, eliminating the need for IT or an administrator to get involved. This saves a significant amount of time and effort.

The site is self-managing, meaning files are automatically deleted after a set period of time. This ensures that site will be used as intended: for file transfer, not file storage.

Millennium’s new FTP system makes the process of sharing files simple and secure. It also saves time and resources as IT personnel don’t have to be on call to deal with site maintenance, security, and password issues. The site proves that there is no need to continue using traditional FTP setups. We hope to see the concept of Millennium’s file transfer site used for many clients to come.