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Millennium EMS Solutions

For Millennium EMS Solutions, we helped a growing company compete at a higher level.

Millennium EMS Solutions Website

Millennium EMS Solutions, an environmental consulting firm based in Edmonton, had outgrown their existing website. Their service scope had broadened significantly and they needed to convey their capabilities to clients.

Millennium has undergone significant growth in recent years, but their website was still portraying them as a small company. There simply wasn’t enough space on their website to detail every service they provide, outline their capabilities, or highlight the results of their work.

The new site we designed for Millennium provides plenty of space to outline services, featured projects, and company news. The website reflects how large the company has grown, and allows them to compete on a larger scale. We designed the site with continued growth in mind: the Millennium team now has more control over content, with the ability to add career posts, projects, and photography to reflect the company’s current achievements and opportunities.

During the process of designing the site, we discovered that many of Millennium’s employees are fantastic photographers, and they frequently take their cameras to work with them. Now every page of the site features stunning photographs of plants, animals, and other natural scenes taken by the talented team. This not only makes the site beautiful, but also shows the environments Millennium has worked in and what the results of their work look like.

We created a website for Millennium that would help them to access larger projects, bigger clients, and a more diverse workload. The site that we built for them helps them to achieve that by offering more information and looking more polished and professional.

Millennium’s new site now reflects the company they have grown into, and gives them space to continue growing.

Millennium EMS Website