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Millennium EMS Solutions

For Millennium EMS Solutions, we demonstrated how an intranet can help to bridge the gap between Gen-Ys and Boomers.

Mi3: Millennium's Corporate Intranet

Communication within the company was not streamlined as it relied on high volumes of emails and a shared server; employees were having difficulty connecting with each other.

We developed an intranet for Millennium, allowing employees to be more effective at work. Because intranets are all about a company’s employees, we needed to talk to Millennium employees and understand their needs in terms of sharing information. Features on the Millennium intranet were designed to reflect the employees’ needs and interests, ranging from accessible HR forms to photo sharing.

There is a generation gap between some of the employees at Millennium, and some from the younger generation had expressed that this created a communication barrier. They wanted to get better acquainted with their more experienced coworkers, but didn’t know how to approach it. The intranet proved to be the ideal tool to break down these barriers. It provides opportunities for employees of all ages, ranks, and positions, to come together, collaborate on projects, and get to know each other better. Employees each have their own profile with their photo, bio, and position in the company. A staff directory complete with profile pictures helps employees put a face to people they’ve only spoken to on the phone. The homepage has a MiNews section where employees can post. There are also discussion forums where employees can discuss projects, news, and anything work-related. All of these tools enable employees to form closer connections with their colleagues, which strengthens relationships in the workplace.

There are several other features that make work and communication easier for the team at Millennium. The home page features tabs for corporate news, safety news, MiNews, and tech talk. This allows staff to keep updated on company goings-on as well as share information with each other. Tools such as a company calendar with colour-coded events, online forms for things like booking time off, and weather forecast customizable by city all make sharing information fast, easy, and enjoyable.

Photo credit: Millennium EMS Solutions