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Morgan Construction & Environmental

For Morgan Construction and Environmental, we put the fun back in Tuesday morning breakfast.

7th Annual Stampede Breakfast Invitation Campaign

Needed an effective way to promote the event and manage invitations.

For Morgan’s 7th Annual Stampede Breakfast, the process began with developing the creative aspect of the invitations. Because it was for the Calgary Stampede, the imagery needed to have some western elements, but without being too cliche. It also had to be original enough to stand out from the barrage of other western-themed advertisements that come out during the stampede. And finally, a breakfast theme needed to be incorporated so that recipients would know right away what the invite was for and not mistake it for spam. The concept that Morgan selected incorporates a few western themes, such as a wanted poster concept, a rodeo reference – “8 seconds at the buffet table” – and some cowboy imagery to create an ad that was memorable and original, while still fitting with the Stampede theme.

When one person sends an email to a number of recipients (in this case over 1400), there is always a risk that it will end up in spam folders. And even if it does go to the recipients’ inboxes, some recipients might assume that any mass email is spam and block the sender without paying attention to who it is. Had Morgan sent out the emails themselves, they might have risked some of their clients unintentionally blocking them. This is why the invitations were sent using a third-party email management service.

The event details were managed through Eventbrite. Through this service, Morgan had access to their invite list and the number of RSVPs, allowing the to create their final guest list.

Thanks to the combination of creative vision and campaign management, Morgan’s 7th Annual Stampede Breakfast was a success.

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