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Morgan Construction & Environmental

For Morgan Construction and Environmental, we created an interactive audience experience.

You guys made us look really good! We got so many compliments....

Melissa B.
Event Coordinator, Morgan Construction

Morgan's 9th Annual Stampede Breakfast

Develop a campaign for Morgan Construction and Environmental’s 9th Annual Stampede Breakfast. All elements of the campaign had  to be cohesive thematically, and had to be coordinated to ensure they were all consistent and completed on time.

One of the projects we look forward to every year is Morgan Construction and Environmental’s Calgary Stampede pancake breakfast. For the past few years, we’ve been designing their invitation campaigns and providing interior posters for the event. This year, we played a larger role in the event, designing an interactive campaign that allowed guests to participate in a way that went beyond the mere eating of pancakes.

The first step to planning the campaign was nailing down a theme. The tricky thing about planning a theme for Calgary Stampede events is that it’s expected that you will incorporate something Western to honour the traditions of the stampede; however, in the interest of standing out, it’s not a good idea to stick with a strictly Western theme either.

We decided to go with a Space Cowboy theme, inspired by astronaut Chris Hadfield’s stint as parade marshal. For each element of the campaign, we incorporated Western and Space themes and imagery in a way that was interesting, humorous, and blended together seamlessly.

The elements of the campaign included:

  • Email invitations
  • Guest list and RSVP management
  • Posters
  • Interactive photo sharing experience
  • Teardrop banners and stands
  • Table talkers
  • Lanyards and name tags

The campaign involved a great deal of coordination. Though we have worked on this event in past years, we added more elements this time around, making the event a little more detailed and interesting. All elements of the campaign had to appear congruous and purposeful within the theme. Along with our core team, we had to work with a few different contractors and vendors in order to get every piece completed and delivered, which took considerable coordination.

The interactive photo experience was one of the new elements that we introduced this year. Socially shared photos were displayed on screens around the venue. Guests submitted photos to the mosaic by posting them on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #morganeats, or by sending them in to a designated email address. The photo feed was updated automatically as new posts were added. Prizes were awarded for the top three photos, encouraging guests to participate and have fun with the idea.

After some intense planning, design, and coordination, all of the elements came together for Morgan’s 9th Annual Stampede Breakfast. The event was a success, and both the Morgan team and the breakfast guests were impressed with all of the elements.