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Morgan Construction & Environmental

We helped give Morgan clients a decade to remember.

Morgan's 10th Annual Stampede Breakfast

Create a visual campaign for Morgan’s 10th Annual Stampede Breakfast that would exceed the standards set in their previous campaigns.

We’ve been creating visual campaigns for Morgan Construction & Environmental’s annual Calgary Stampede breakfast for a few years now. Each year, the campaign has gotten bigger and more interesting. Guests have come to expect something a little more original than standard stampede fare, so coming up with an original theme was crucial.

We decided to draw on the fact that this was the company’s tenth instalment of the annual event. To celebrate one decade of stampede breakfasts, we decided on the theme “Every Decade Should Be a Morgan Decade.” The idea was to incorporate a breakfast theme into iconic images from past decades, from the 1940s to the 1980s. Campaign elements included:

  • Email invitations
  • Guest list and RSVP management
  • Posters
  • Lanyards and name tags
  • Table talkers
  • Interactive photo wall
  • Photo props

Because we wanted this year’s event to exceed the standards set by the previous year’s breakfast, we decided to add an element. Last year, we introduced an interactive photo wall that allowed guests to take photos of themselves at the event, post them to Instagram or Twitter using a custom hashtag, and watch them appear on screens around the venue. This year, in order to incorporate the theme into the photo wall and add an extra element of interaction, we provided props for guests to use in photos. The props were selected to match the decades theme – round glasses for the 1960s, fishnet gloves for the 1980s, etc. – allowing guests to get directly involved with the theme, making it more memorable.


In addition to earning more photo submissions than at any of Morgan’s past events, RSVP’s rose by 41% over the previous year, and achieved top attendance as well.

Morgan Poster
Morgan Poster
Morgan Poster
Morgan Poster