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Mr. Lube Canada

For Mr. Lube Canada, we gave all franchisees a method to market themselves consistently, locally, and quickly.

Mr. Lube's Marketing Knowledge Center

Marketing department needed an efficient way to coordinate and unify advertising activities with franchisees. Needed to do away with manual processes that wasted time and were vulnerable to error.

The “Toolbox” created a single source of truth for Mr. Lube’s marketing function, allowing franchisees to order marketing creative online, track previous orders, receive news and documents pertinent to their franchise, and organize their marketing events in a personalized calendar. Marketing personnel can track and fill orders, run reports and communicate with franchisees in real time. The Toolbox performs all of these functions within a user-friendly interface.

Marketing Materials Online Ordering: An automated system for ordering coupons, advertisements, point of sale items and radio creative. The Toolbox makes it easy for franchisees to request marketing materials by filling out customized online forms built for the requirements of each item available for order.

Image Library: Holds and resamples images to three different resolutions on demand. Franchisees can view images within a categorized library, and reference previously used ad templates. The Toolbox also filters acceptable images to the marketing materials online order forms to allow franchisees a choice of promotional shots for their advertising creative.

Document Library: Supports most file types, and provides franchisees with access to vital marketing information and tools such as media planning documents and logos.

News: Provides a vehicle for the dissemination of marketing news. Marketing personnel creates news stories by way of an easy to use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Tool and can set flexible posting and expiry dates for each news story. The three most recently uploaded news stories are highlighted on the homepage of the Toolbox—a feature that encourages users to visit the Toolbox often for marketing updates.

Events Calendar: A single calendar that holds several types of events: public, marketing and personal. Access to different news types is restricted based on user login (i.e.: personal events are viewable only by the person who created them, marketing events are restricted to designated personnel, and public events are viewable by all). The calendar creates an extra reason for users to visit the Toolbox frequently, and helps to create a feeling of online community among staff and franchisees.

Report Wizard: Allows marketing staff to report on all Toolbox activity, including order information, document downloads and store / franchisee statistics. Information can be filtered by such factors as keyword, location, category and date.

Content Management Tool: Gives Mr. Lube complete control over the current and future development of the Toolbox. Mr. Lube can add / edit /delete pages and page content based on a system of templates, change page ordering, modify value lists and manage franchisee and store information. All system users have a unique login and password, and are categorized by their status: franchisee (three types), marketing staff or system administrator. These categorizations form the basis of content delivery, reporting and Toolbox permissions.

The result is a purposeful system that has optimized the marketing communications process at Mr. Lube. System acceptance has been 100%, as all Mr. Lube franchisees use the Toolbox to order their marketing creative. The Toolbox significantly improves process, allows management to redirect capital to other sources, and creates a method for role backup for marketing staff.

All currently available marketing information has a single home and is accessible by franchisees 24/7/365. Franchisees are immediately aware of new campaigns, and can be forwarded directly to supporting marketing materials.

As the Document Library provides a single source of truth for all marketing information, the Toolbox has greatly reduced the number of standalone spreadsheets and outdated marketing information held by franchisees and marketing staff. All current information is available for download as soon as marketing staff posts it to the Toolbox.

Because of the advertising resources available through the Toolbox, Mr. Lube has seen a decrease in unapproved advertising, and increased cooperation from franchisees to create brand-appropriate advertisements for their store(s).

All order tracking is now managed online. At a glance, marketing personnel can view the number of new, pending, complete and cancelled orders instead of relying on paper copies or emails. Marketing now benefits from a sophisticated tracking system and is able to measure the success of campaigns and find out exactly what marketing materials are being presented to the public at any given time, in any given location across Canada.