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Mrs. Dunster’s Donuts

For Mrs. Dunster's, we provided a company with an outlet to thank their devoted fans.

We are getting some nice comments on the site. GREAT JOB, ladies and gents.

Paul R.
Senior Manager, Mrs. Dunster's Inc.

Mrs. Dunster’s, a donut and baked goods company based in Sussex, New Brunswick, needed a new website to help showcase their product and connect with their many dedicated fans.

Mrs. Dunster’s new website was designed to highlight the company’s donuts, cookies, and other baked goods. The homepage features tasty product shots on a rotator that links to various site pages. This draws customers into the site and encourages them to explore. The product pages profile the available flavours for donuts, cookies, and other sweet baked goods. The product descriptors are written in a fun and conversational tone, rather than being too professional or stiff sounding. This keeps the site fan-friendly and inviting.

Though the products are primarily sold through other retailers, the company also has one retail outlet, Mrs. Dunster’s Kitchen, that sells their standard products as well as some specialty items. The site creates a distinction between the two, which ultimately helps customers to understand which products are available to them, and makes locating Mrs. Dunster’s products much easier and less confusing.

The new website and to give fans a chance to learn about and interact with the company. The homepage features quotes from fans who have written to the company or posted to its Facebook page. Having quotes on the front page clearly establishes the relationship that Mrs. Dunster’s fans have with the company, and shows fans that their feedback is being heard and appreciated. The site also features a Share Your Story page. This page provides the opportunity for fans to write in and share their stories and memories of Mrs. Dunster’s donuts. As stories come in, they will be shared on the site. Each page of the site also includes important links to Facebook and Twitter, giving fans yet another way to connect with the company.

The first fan story was submitted via the Share Your Story page within two hours of the website being launched. The site saw high traffic volumes upon launch, and immediately prompted fan interaction via Facebook and Twitter.

Mrs. Dunster's Donuts
Mrs. Dunster's Donuts