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For Nilex, we helped customers make informed decisions.

The Nilex Innovation Calculator

Nilex, a civil environmental group, wanted to demonstrate the environmental and financial benefits of building channels with Nilex products instead of riprap (gravel typically used for building channels). we worked with them to develop an app that illustrates the difference.

Sometimes the best way to get a point across is to illustrate it visually, so we worked with Nilex to develop an app that would illustrate the benefits of using Nilex products. The Nilex Innovation Calculator was created with the goal of allowing customers to not only see that Nilex products are environmentally responsible and cost effective, but to see precisely how and why. The Nilex calculator lays it all out in a way that is easy to understand. Employees enter prospective project information into the Innovation Calculator such as the finished dimensions, location, distance from Nilex warehouse as well as nearest rock source. Next, a Nilex product is selected for comparison to riprap.

Once the results are calculated, a detailed bar graph displays the precise cost savings and carbon reduction when using Nilex products. It also displays how the environmental costs can inflate price, with considerations such as carbon tax factoring in. The report details how, precisely, Nilex products can save money. For instance, it might show that even though a truckload of riprap is cheaper than a roll of liner, more riprap is needed to line a channel, so not only are you using more product, but also having to excavate a deeper and wider channel to accommodate the extra riprap. Highly detailed and specific information such as this backs up claims that Nilex products save environmental and financial costs, and provides an explanation as to exactly where, how, and why.

Building the Innovation Calculator gave Nilex the opportunity to go beyond claims and actually demonstrate where customers can be saving costs and reducing environmental impact. In order to truly demonstrate a company‚Äôs value, it must be visible to customers just how much they will be saving, how and why those savings are possible, and where the savings come from. By maintaining a unique utility such as the Innovation Calculator, Nilex can now demonstrate their competitive advantage in a way that is unique to them and tailored to fit their clients’ projects.

Liners vs. Riprap