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For Nilex, we designed an intranet around the needs, ideas and spirit of the company's employees.

I can honestly say that this has surpassed the expectations people had of it. It completely blew them away.

Shelley D.
Dir. Marketing & Communications, Nilex Inc.

MyNilex: The Nilex Corporate Intranet

Nilex needed an efficient, easy-to-use intranet to replace the shared server they had outgrown as the company grew. Employees needed a simpler and more efficient way to find and store information.

The Nilex intranet is great example of why our discovery process is so important. When Nilex, a civil environmental group, asked us to develop their intranet, we didn’t go in with a set-in-stone concept. Instead, over the course of a month we interviewed Nilex employees in all different positions and locations and got to know them. We learned what makes their day easier, what frustrates them, and what takes them an hour that should only take five minutes. From this information we identified some core topics common across the company. We used these topics to develop the structure and content of an intranet built to suit their needs perfectly.

Employees at Nilex are now empowered to communicate, inform, and share knowledge in a way that is fast, efficient, and enjoyable. They have access to things like product information, company news, vendor/supplier information, and past projects. The company can use the site to regularly update employees on safety policies and information.

To further streamline communication, information is separated by company division. For example, if you enter the Construction section of the site, you can view news, resources, calendars and contact information specific to that particular company division. This saves employees lots of time as they no longer have to sift through every piece of company information to find what they need.

Employees can now personalize their experience by customizing what links (both internal and external) they want featured on their homepage. They can also enter photos and personal and professional interests to their employee profiles so coworkers – even those in other locations – can get to know them. This fits perfectly with Nilex’s welcoming, people-oriented culture.

The team at Nilex were thrilled with their new intranet. It has taken the pain out of daily activities, and helped to connect them as a team. Taking the time to really get to know the people and get to the heart of what they really needed resulted in a system that was perfectly catered to its users, and that’s exactly what we wanted.