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Team Alberta

For Team Alberta, we promoted our athletes and artists on the world stage.

The Team Alberta Olympic Mobile App

Profile Alberta-born athletes and musicians participating in and performing at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Government of Alberta teamed us up with Fission Media to develop a mobile site and app that profiled Alberta’s athletes and musicians competing in or playing at the 2010 Vancouver games. Each Alberta participant has a profile on the mobile site, highlighting their sport or musical genre, hometown, bio, photos and news. There is also an area for all news pertaining to participating Albertans, as well as a calendar showing all sports and shows in which Albertans are competing or playing, and the venue where each event takes place.

Alberta Athletes & Artists

Initially, the Government of Alberta had wanted only an app developed to keep Albertans updated on the games. As the development of the app began, it became apparent that it would exclude many Albertans because not all mobile devices are capable of supporting apps. They wanted something that would be accessible to as many Albertans as possible. The solution was to also build a mobile site which would not only be accessible to anyone with mobile web, but would also serve as a tool to populate the app with information. As news and updates were uploaded to our custom admin tool during the games, the information was pulled to the app via RSS feed, resulting in consistent information between both platforms.

Alberta Athletes & Artists

Our collaboration with Fission Media provided Albertans with a chance to keep up with their local heroes at the Vancouver games. Developing a mobile site, rather than just an app, opened access up to more Albertans who wanted to follow athletes and musicians from their home province. In the same way the games are about bringing people together to celebrate and compete, the mobile site format made it possible to bring Albertans together to celebrate the achievements of their local heroes.

The mobile site was a hit, attracting a great deal of a attention and media coverage.

Photo Credit (masthead): Flickr