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Plateau Reclamation

For Plateau Reclamation, we helped a small company stand out amongst its competitors.

The Plateau Reclamation Website

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We begin every project with our discovery phase, where we get to know our clients’ company and industry. This is an important part of our process because often it’s when the company’s personality becomes apparent, and it gives us a solid direction for the project.

During our discovery phase with Plateau Reclamation, a central Alberta-based reclamation and remediation company, we got to know the family that owns and operates the business.

We learned that one of their best personal and competitive qualities is that they go to great lengths to maintain strong, respectful relationships with landowners, maintaining these relationships even after a project is completed. They do a lot of post-project maintenance, working closely with landowners to make sure the project’s success continues. We made sure that this commitment was reflected throughout the site, through photos and content.

Like many small businesses, Plateau prides themselves on high quality, personalized service. It was important to convey this on their website, so we highlighted their safety program, equipment standards, and courtesy services. They are also extremely  knowledgable about their industry, so we conveyed this by adding randomly displayed quotes and facts to each page. This also adds some entertainment value to the website, which certainly sets it apart from competitors.

Plateau Reclamation now has a site shaped by their personality and values. This guarantees that they will always stand out from other companies, which gives them a distinct edge in a competitive industry.