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Sinclair Supply Ltd.

For Sinclair Supply, we gave contractors on the go access to over 40,000 SKUs.

The Sinclair Supply Website and Online Store

Previous site was not intuitive, and provided them with no way of selling their products online. They needed a strategy to move their products online while still respecting the role of their sales reps and contractors.

Sinclair Supply, a distributor of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration products, brought us on board for two separate phases of the site redesign project: strategy and implementation. We began by planning a strategy for bringing their products online. With around 40,000 SKUs from over 400 product lines, careful planning had to be done to work out the best strategy for such an undertaking.

After lengthy, thorough research we decided that the best way to handle the SKUs was to bring in a third party that specialized in that area. Further research turned up a company with the expertise and software to extract all SKUs from Sinclair’s database and integrate them into the new website we were building.

Sinclair’s sales reps work closely with customers to ensure they are getting quality service and the correct products. In a highly technical industry, it could be dangerous to let the general public have access to parts without any guidance. We had to solve the problem of offering products online, while still ensuring that sales reps were overseeing purchases and getting the recognition they deserve.

Customers select the products they want, then add them to their cart. To ensure that customers are working with sales reps and getting full service from Sinclair, customers must be logged into their account to view their product pricing and availability, and to request an order. Accounts can be requested by anyone, but will only be approved by Sinclair once the customer has an established relationship with the company.

During our research we discovered that many contractors wanted to work in their vehicles on laptops and tablets during their spare time on the road, so that they could order parts for the next day. The site’s new format saves time for them as well as Sinclair’s staff. Previously, customers had to phone to inquire about price and availability of products. This proved challenging because many of Sinclair’s customers are tradespeople who work remotely and don’t always have time to sit and wait on the phone. Likewise, Sinclair’s team is a busy one, so looking up products and making phone calls were cutting into their time. The ability to search for a product and immediately get information on it frees up time on both ends of the transaction.

The site is also easy to use from a content-management perspective. Employees can now add or update information without any difficulty. This eliminates the need for an IT contact to receive and implement updates, which saves everyone time.

In the months following launch, Sinclair Supply increased their site visits by a staggering 905%. The total number of page views increased by 900%, and visits to the site by new users increased by 107%. By allowing us time to properly research and plan the project, rather than rushing into it for the sake of quicker completion, Sinclair now has a website that meets their needs and is helping them grow as a company.