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For Morgan's 8th Annual Stampede Breakfast, we celebrated the history of all things Western.

8th Annual Stampede Breakfast Campaign

To create a campaign that fit with the Stampede spirit, but wasn’t cliché.

This year marked the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede, the event for which Morgan Construction holds an annual pancake breakfast. While it was tempting to use this milestone anniversary as a creative crutch for the poster and invitation campaign we designed for Morgan, we didn’t want to risk being indistinguishable from every other poster, ad, or invitation the recipients would come across over the course of the Stampede.  In order to stand out, a different approach was needed.

A pancake breakfast isn’t supposed to be all business – it’s supposed to be fun. Maybe even a little silly. I mean, come on, we’re talking about businesspeople donning head-to-toe cowboy regalia and skipping work to eat pancakes. A little whimsy is warranted.

We introduced a set of movie posters inspired by popular Westerns and gave them all a breakfast theme. Each poster had the event details listed as film credits.

The campaign was eye-catching, interesting, and, most importantly, it solicited laughs from Stampede Breakfast attendees.

The posters were displayed at the event, and some were used as the invitations and reminders emailed to guests. The results were eye-catching, interesting, and, most importantly, they solicited more than a few laughs from the team at Morgan Construction and from the Stampede Breakfast attendees. Who doesn’t see the humour in two strips of (Brokeback) bacon affectionately cuddling?

Just as we did last year, we used an event management system to distribute and manage invitations. The system employs a one-to-one mailing technique that prevent invitations from the spam folder fate, a virtual inevitability with a mass, one-to-many approach. The system also manages RSVP lists, making final preparations foolproof and hassle-free for Morgan

The combination of creativity, careful management, and free food was an effective one. The breakfast was a huge success, pulling in exactly 700 RSVPs.

2012 Calgary Stampede


2012 Calgary Stampede


2012 Calgary Stampede



2012 Calgary Stampede


2012 Calgary Stampede