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Stantec Inc.

For Stantec, we made a top ENR ranked company a marketing machine.

From conceptualization through delivery, the services we have received can be described as attentive, thorough and specifically aligned to the marketing and business development information management needs of our company.

Lara M.
Director, Marketing

Stantec Marketing Knowledge Center

Suffering from company-wide use of standalone applications and repositories unable to meet the growing needs of the company, Stantec needed a system to provide immediate, virtual access to marketing resources from locations across North America.

The Stantec Marketing Knowledge Center (SMKC) empowers Stantec employees with immediate, 24/7 online access to marketing resources and tools. This system has transcended many challenges associated with marketing information management by centralizing tools, data, intelligence and knowledge while streamlining workflow. System components include:

Profile Library: Profiles are one of Stantec’s more important marketing tools. The Profile Library provides three profile types, and several versions of each type on demand, in PDF format.

Go/No Go Assessment: The Go/No Go Assessment Form is a logic-based processing tool that helps mitigate risk and inform decisions associated with the pursuit of project opportunities.

Proposal Automation: The Proposal Wizard uses pre-built libraries to streamline the proposal preparation process, saving both time and resources.

PDF Generator: The PDF generator creates formatted PDF documents on demand, based on selected content and imagery. It has increased format management and has helped Stantec build a strong brand that is a true business asset.

Image Library: With over 22,000 project images, Stantec needed a way to manage images and all related project information. The Image Library houses all of the required information, as well as re-samples images to three different sizes on demand, based on a single image upload.

Document Library: The Document Library categorizes all document types in a single database, and makes them available to users through libraries customized to the needs of its users.

Reporting Wizard: The Report Wizard turns data into intelligence through the generation of customized reports exported to Excel, allowing for flexibility, information sharing and ease of review—quickly and efficiently.

Role based decision-making: A role-based decision making process revolutionizes marketing and business development at Stantec by incorporating a system of checks and balances – drastically improving knowledge sharing.

A proven success, the SMKC improves responsiveness to the market, and delivers a savings of more than $18 million per annum. The knowledge center has created a single source of truth for all company information—increasing employee productivity and building a stronger, more connected workforce through accurate and immediate information sharing. The SMKC is highly scalable, and built to allow the access of over 10,000 users across more than 150 office locations in different geographical areas.  Company information and branding is presented in a unified way for all outlets, and the knowledge center has reduced the time required for employees to complete many day-to-day tasks. Through the standardization and streamlining of both the go / no go assessment and the proposal preparation process, Stantec has improved their proposal development process and pursuit success rates.

Photo credit: flickr